Thursday, October 7, 2010

Only a week away until "BOOtiful Time of Year"

Only a week away until "BOOtiful Time of Year" Market is here I have been busy in the barn all week preparing some really great stuff for all of you. Alycia has also been busy in her art room working like a crazed woman, getting ready a whole new batch of Halloween paper mache just for all of you.

I had to get the wood-stove going yesterday, the chill inside the house was more that outside, but today was a world different story What a great day The weather people are promising us an awesome weekend. The wind took it's toll on the foliage. but there are still some really bright colors lingering on the limbs

We are doing some real advertising this go around in hopes of getting the word out about our fabulous market Hope you send and invite to all your friends

For now good night, and much more work to be done tomorrow

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